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The VENI patent attorneys have access to some of the most advanced commercial search tools available, and are experienced in carrying out detailed technology searches.

Prior Art Searches
Before a decision is made to file a patent application, it is often advisable to make a careful assessment of the chances of obtaining a valid patent. To do this assessment, a prior art search is needed to find out what similar technology already exists and thus to determine whether your invention is new and inventive with respect to the prior art (essential conditions of patentability). We offer two types of assessment, namely a preliminary patentability analysis, which includes a standard prior art search, and a more profound detailed patentability analysis including a thorough, detailed prior art search. We have access to powerful search tools, and we use advanced searching techniques in order to establish the existing state of the art. Knowing the state of the art provides a solid foundation for defining your invention if you decide to file a patent application, and allows us to draft a strong patent application with a good chance of being granted, thereby potentially saving significant time and cost in the subsequent patent examination procedures.

Patent Invalidation Searches
A granted patent is not necessarily valid. If you need to challenge the validity of a competitor's patent, we will be pleased to carry out an in-depth search to find prior art which puts the validity of the patent in doubt. Important prior art is sometimes missed during the prosecution procedure, and our aim is to find it.

"Freedom to Operate" Searches
A detailed technology survey can reveal useful information about existing patent protection in a particular technological area, which may be particularly useful if you are planning a new product or service. A so-called "freedom-to-operate" search, for example as part of a due-diligence step in product planning, can help to determine whether or not your new technology is likely to be protected by other patents.

Technology Surveys
Patent information can also be useful for revealing trends and gaps in the technological landscape. Not only for engineers, but also for marketing departments and for strategic planning. We can carry out searches which can contribute to your market intelligence.