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Expert Legal Advice

Patent disputes often appear complicated. A cool analysis of the legal and technical situation is required in order to provide you with a strong hand when negotiating with the counterparty. We can support you or represent you in such negotiations or, if necessary, in court.

Patent Disputes and Litigation

Patent disputes are rarely black and white. A patent owner may have one idea of what his patent protects, while his competitors will typically have a more restricted interpretation. If you are accused of infringing a patent, or if you accuse a competitor of infringing your patent, you need to be sure of your position. We can carry out the technical and legal analysis which you can use to make important business decisions. We can also negotiate with your counter-party on your behalf. When a patent owner attempts to enforce his or her rights, the validity of the patent can be challenged. Sometimes court proceedings are necessary to enforce a patentee's rights, to attack a competitor's patent or to defend oneself against patent infringement accusations,  In Switzerland these proceedings are handled by the Federal Patent Court of Switzerland. We as Swiss patent attorneys are authorised to assist you in these proceedings as well. The proceedings in front of the Federal Patent Court should be conducted in close collaboration with an attorney at law. We are also happy to assist you in disputes/litigation in foreign countries through our extensive network of foreign associates. We can also file oppositions with the European patent Office or defend you in any oppositions filed against your patent.