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Strong Patent Protection

The strength of your patent is not proven until you try to enforce your patent rights. In many cases it is only then, after you have spent tens of thousands of CHF on the patent, that you discover how well your patent was originally drafted. We therefore take the utmost care over the definition of your invention, and we carefully devise fall-back positions in case your main patent claims are later found to be unenforceable.

Strong in Attack, Strong in Defence

The primary purpose of patents is not defence. Patents are weapons of aggression, designed to stake a territorial claim for a piece of the technological landscape. If you need to insist on your claim, you must be sure that your arsenal is well prepared. And if you are find yourself in territory which is claimed by your competitor, you will be attacked, but you may be able to protect yourself. We can equip you with the best available weaponry and the best available protective shield.