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Fee updates for renewal payments in Switzerland/Liechtenstein July 2019

Summary: Swiss patent renewal fees have been reduced, particularly in the early years of the patent term. Previously, Swiss renewal fees increased linearly with time. Now, the rate of increase becomes steeper towards the end of the patent term.

As of 1 July 2019, the renewal fees have changed. The fees listed below apply for renewal fees which are due to be paid after 31 July 2019.


Patent year Renewal fee (CHF)
4 100
5 120
6 140
7 160
8 180
9 220
10 260
11 300
12 340
13 400
14 460
15 520
16 600
17 680
18 760
19 860
20 960

Supplementary fee for late payment remains unchanged: CHF50

Reminder: Swiss renewal fees can be paid without surcharge up to three months after the due date, or with surcharge up to six months after the due date. After that, the patent can still be maintained by paying the renewal fee (plus surcharge) plus a modest 'further processing' fee within a further two or three months (please contact us for details).


New rules for validating EP Patents in Switzerland/Liechtenstein

Change of practice: Swiss agent can only be appointed after EPO grant date.

The Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IGE) announced that from 1 August 2019, European patents can now only be filed on or after the official grant date. Previously, it was possible to register a representative as soon as the grant date was published in the EPO register.

You can still send your validation instructions to us earlier than the grant date, but we will not be able to confirm completion until after the grant date. It is our standard practice to send you a confirmation of the validation and a link to the Swiss patent register once the agent appointment has been published.