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All our patent attorneys are registered Swiss and European Patent Attorneys, and together we have 70 years of professional experience in patents, including more than 35 years experience in Switzerland. We have also worked internationally in France, Germany, Finland, the United Kingdom and Australia. Our experience is at your service.
The strength of your patent is not proven until you try to enforce your patent rights. In many cases it is only then, after you have spent tens of thousands of CHF on the patent, that you discover how well your patent was originally drafted. We therefore take the utmost care over the definition of your invention, and we carefully devise fall-back positions in case your main patent claims are later found to be unenforceable.
Patent disputes often appear complicated. A cool analysis of the legal and technical situation is required in order to provide you with a strong hand when negotiating with the counterparty. We can support you or represent you in such negotiations or, if necessary, in court.
In addition to our training in patent law, we are engineers, and we have the technical know-how necessary to understand and enforce your intellectual property rights. We have particular experience in the fields of electronics, software, telecommunications, machine tools, chemistry and pharmaceuticals.
Our aim is to provide you with 50% more IP for your budget. We do this by keeping our overheads low, and we minimise our administration by using streamlined, web-based administration systems.
Our patent attorneys are multilingual and work in German, English and French, according to your preference. If you require international patent protection including countries outside Europe, we recommend filing in English in order to keep costs low. If patent protection is only required in Switzerland, Germany or Austria, we would normally draft your application in German.
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Distinctive words and signs can be a powerful way of distinguishing your products and services and establishing your presence in the market. A registered trademark can be renewed indefinitely, and is an asset which can be sold, licensed or traded like any other commercial asset.

For advice on registering your trademark, opposing someone else's trademark, or defending your trademark, please contact one of our experts on the number below.


A patent gives you a legal right to stop your competitors copying your technical innovations. A patentable invention may be a ground-breaking new technology or a tiny improvement which gives you a major competitive edge. For more information about patents, click here.

If you would like to discuss your invention, please contact us. Your information will be treated in strict confidence, and the initial consultation is free of charge.

For a detailed estimate of the cost of obtaining a patent in different countries, including official fees, please click here to use our

Patent Cost Calculator.

A registered design is a cost-effective way of protecting the appearance of a product, and can be extended for up to 25 years. The elements of a design can include the outward appearance, the shape, the colour and decoration of an object, and how the different parts of the object are arranged together.

Please call one of our experts for more information.

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